Farting Chickens


A little history: the fartingchickens website was launched on February 13 in 2005. That date the domain was registered and the website on-lined ;-) On February 13 in the year 2013 the domain expired, and the website vanished... Why? The website had quite a lot unique visitors every day, downloads went in the thousands, and they even had a small fanclub. Well, the answer is quite simple: the people behind fartingchickens were so busy with other stuff, that they just couldn't find the time to keep the site allive and add new stuff. Who was behind the farting chickens venture? A bunch of creative souls that were merely having a good time creating some artwork and podcasts. Their names: Lisa Van der Meer (sales manager of the year), Susan Annenberg (script doctor), Mike Robertson (digital artist and coder), Rick Rappaport (lawyer), Patrick G. Webber (film producer) and Patrick Freeman Jones (the funk drummer who produced and wrote most of the stuff). When I heard the rumour that the site was going to be killed I contacted them and proposed to put the contents of fartingchickens on my website (fartingchickens.netogram.com). They immediately agreed and the rest is history. On these pages you will find the creative stuff they created, you can read their articles and yes!... you can also download all the podcasts that were available at the original fartingchickens website when it was on-line. Enjoy!


The Farting Chickens website!
Do chickens fart? Well, do they? Don't ask us how we came up with the name, but it's catchy isn't it? Now that we've got your attention, here's what you can do here:


Yes! We produce funny podstuff! Welcome to our world. Fartingchickens webpage is all about funny podcasts, hilarious podmercials, podsketches & podplays. Or what did you expect? (please don't send us your answer).


At first we were interested in a couple of different (domain) names but unfortunately they were all taken. A bunch of owners were willing to sell or rent their domain name to us, but we thought it might be better to come up with an original name that was still available. And we did! The great thing about a name such as fartingchickens.netogram.com is that you don't need that much imagination to come up with ideas and scripts for fartingchickens commercials... And sure we did :-)


The results of our chaotic creative meetings can be downloaded in the download section on this site. We also produced a short film and did a splendid job! You can download or watch the Television commercial for the fartingchickens webpage in the download area. So please sort of enjoy! (I know we did!)


And in case you really want to know if chickens fart, click on 'Do they fart?' in the menu to read 'Do chickens fart? - The final scientific verdict'